Theater NECO

Theater NECO

NPO Theater Network Ehime

1-2-1 Midorimachi, Matsuyama, Ehime




In October 2007, the NPO “Theater Network Ehime” was established to promote culture and arts with a focus onperforming arts. The objectives of the organization are to develop human resources, raise awareness, maintain creative spaces, and provide opportunities for culture and arts.
In Matsuyama city, the capital of Ehime prefecture, the number of venues for local theatrical performanceswas limited, which made us move from place to place and finally opened our third private small theater, “Theater Neco”, in May 2012. It was rent from a part of an abandoned kindergarten and renovated into a 98-capacity theater, which is also managed and operated by the NPO.

In 2018, we renovated a rehearsal room alongside the theater and established the “Kaze no Neko (mainly for the mentally handicapped),” a continuous employment support B-type business. Since that time, it has been exploring the possibilities of workshops and works using theatrical techniques with people with disabilities and people in the community, through inviting artists and instructors to create. 

2007年10月 「NPO法人シアターネットワークえひめ」を設立し舞台芸術を軸とした文化芸術の振興を目指し活動を展開。文化芸術に対する人材育成・啓発活動・創造空間整備・鑑賞機会の提供などを事業目的とする。



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