Operated by General Incorporated Association Theater & Arts Ueda

Address: 2-11-20 Chuo, Ueda city, Nagano




A private cultural facility with a theater, a studio, a cafe, and guesthouse located in the Unnomachi shopping district of Ueda city, Nagano prefecture. It is operated as a place for various expressions and exchanges between local residents and artists.

It organized various genres of cultural projects beyond contemporary theater, such as “Ueda Machinaka Theater Festival”, “Sai no Yoru”. In recent years, it has been creating new places to belong in the city through operating an artist-in-residence program utilizing its rehearsal space and accommodation facilities, a society-style activity “Ueda Iroiro Club” in corporation with the local community, an inn, “Yadokari House”, where women who are having a hard time onliving can casually stay, as such.



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