Invitation | One Table Two Chairs Meeting

One Table Two Chairs meeting 開催のお知らせ

We are happy to announce that we are holding the first One Table Two Chairs Meeting in 2022.
Please join us to open up conversations to explore diverse possibilities for the future!
Date and Time: April 26th (Tue) 19:00 – 20:30 (Japan Time) via Zoom Meeting
Agenda: Catch-up and Sharing the current and upcoming activities and plans
If you would like to attend the meeting, please email at stating you are attending, then we will send you the meeting link.
It would be great if you all join us and we can get to know each other more.
We truly look forward to seeing you all!
第3回目のOne Table Two Chairs meetingを下記の日時で開催します。
参加希望の方は、info@artcenter.link宛に「ミーティング参加希望」と書いてお送りください。折り返しZOOM URLをお送りいたします。

Open Call for Video works / Uploaded 2 video works


Asian Art Center Link is currently working for the launch of a festival scheduled at the end of 2022.

The festival will be a platform for presenting performing arts works and diverse collaborations.  Yet, due to the impact of COVID-19, there are still various restrictions for artists in Asia to sustain their creation, as well as travelling internationally, which makes us tackle with many concerns regarding holding the festival.

As the very first step towards the next, we have created short video works with the motif of “One Table and Two Chairs”. This is one of the proposals for the festival and a suggestion for our fellow artists in the current situation.

We hope you will watch our works, and share your thoughts and impressions at the upcoming “One Table Two Chairs Meeting”. Also, we would love to accept and introduce your “One Table Two Chairs” video works at our website. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to share your video work. We strongly believe that this new project will be one opportunity of exchange among many young artists.

現在、Asian Art Center Linkでは2022年度末に予定しているフェスティバルに向け準備を進めています。



是非、私たちの映像作品をご覧いただき、次回の「One Table Two Chairs meeting」でご意見、ご感想を共有していただければ幸いです。また、ご自身でも「1つのテーブルと2つの椅子」をモチーフにした作品を創作されましたら、こちらのサイトでご紹介させて頂きたいと思いますのでお気軽にご連絡ください。これらの活動をきっかけに多くの若いアーティストの交流が発展することを願っております。

[Open Call] Emergency Academy

[公募] エマージェンシー アカデミー

Emergency Academy is a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary, and cross-regional arts education project initiated by Liu Xiaoyi. It is an artist incubation program and a laboratory for nurturing future cultural leaders who aspire to influence, drive and change the existing systems.

The first batch of 16 artists (2020-2022) started their 2-year journey in May 2020.  The 16 participating artists from ten Asian cities would be exploring and investigating 18 topics designed by Liu Xiaoyi.

[Open Call] Emergency Academy

Emergency Academy is calling for arts practitioners from all ages and backgrounds!

Starting June this year, the second batch (2022-2024) of Emergency Academy will include monthly meetings, discussions, network buildings and individual consultations. Submit your application now!

Application deadline: 1st Apr, 2022, 2359 (SGT)

Application process: Please submit the online application form 

– prepare your biography and CV;

– prepare a one-page proposal for a project that you want to complete within the next two years

* Candidates who are not selected will not be notified

One Table Two Chairs meeting Date Postponement

One Table Two Chairs meeting 開催延期のお知らせ

At the previous meeting in December 2021, we announced our plan for the next meeting to be held in January 2022. While we have been preparing for it, we have decided to postpone the first meeting in 2022 to the late February or later in order to deepen and develop our yearly plan for the One Table Two Chairs meeting program to be sustainable.

Once the details are fixed, we would like to announce it to you by sending updates via email. We are thrilled to see you all again and open up diverse dialogues very soon!

Asian Art Center Link

前回2021年12月に開催しましたOne Table Two Chairs meetingにて、新年2022年1月に次回ミーティングを予定している旨をお伝えしておりましたが、継続して皆さまとの連携を深めていくためにも年間を通した「One Table Two Chairs meeting」プログラム編成を具体化した上での開催を目指したく、2月下旬以降の開催に延期させていただきたくご案内申し上げます。


Asian Art Center Link事務局

One Table Two Chairs meeting ”Toward the 2022"

Date: December 13th, 2021, 15:00-17:00 (Japan time)

日時: 2021年12月13日 15:00 – 17:00(日本時間)

One Table Two Chairs meeting was launched in September 2021, where the future of it was discussed led by Makoto Sato, the coordinator, Yuuya Ishizone, the director, and the collaborators such as Danny Yung, Liu Xiaoyi. The participants from diverse backgrounds including a director, playwright, performer, choreographer, producer, translater, gathered for a frank and open exchange from various countries and regions, China, Singapore, Indonesia, UK, Japan.

2021年9月に立ち上がったOne Table Two Chairs meeting。2022年の本格始動を前にコーディネーターの佐藤信、ディレクターの石曽根有也、そして前回調査報告をしてくれたシンガポールの演出家、リウ・シャオイーらを囲んで今後のOne Table Two Chairs meetingの展望を語り合った。日本、シンガポール、インドネシア、中国、イギリスなどから演出家、劇作家、翻訳家、振付家、俳優、プロデューサーなどが集い、忌憚のない意見交換の場が生まれた。

YPAM Exchange 2021

YPAM エクスチェンジ 2021

Link the Places Where People Gather – Invitation from Asian Art Center Link

Date and Time: On Thursday, December 9th, at 3 p.m.

Speaker: Macoto Satoh (President, Wakabacho Wharf / Playwright / Director – Japan) , 

Yuuya Ishizone (Moderator – Playwright / Director)

人びとが集まる場所をつなぐ – Asian Art Center Linkからの呼びかけ

日時: 2021年12月9日(月) 15:00~16:30(日本時間)

登壇者:佐藤信(若葉町ウォーフ 代表/劇作家/演出家)


One Table Two Chairs meeting Vol.1

Date and Time: On Tuesday, September 14th - Friday, September 17th, 2021

日時:2021年9月14日(火) – 17日(金)

Day 1

Tuesday, September 14, 18:00 – 20:00 (Japan time)

Lecture: Cultural Institute and Institute culture

Why do we need to continue this kind of activity? What direction will our activities take and what will they produce? Danny Yung, who has participated in a number of international programs over the years, mainly in Asia, based on his unique creative activities, will share his vision of inter-city exchange after COVID-19.


9月14日(火) 18時~20時(日本時間)

講演: 文化の研究所と研究所の文化

私たちはなぜこのような活動をつづける必要があるのか? わたしたちの活動はどのような方向に向かい、何を生み出すのだろうか? 長年にわたって、独自の創作活動を軸に、アジアを中心に、数多くの国際的なプログラムに参画してきたDanny Yungが、COVID-19以降の都市間交流についてのビジョンを語ります。

Danny profile photo

Danny Yung

Danny Yung was born in Shanghai, China in 1943. At the age of five, he moved to Hong Kong with his family. After finishing secondary school, he went to the United States to attend the University of California at Berkeley and obtained a bachelor’s degree in architecture. He then went on to graduate school at Columbia University, where he earned a master’s degree in urban design. He returned to Hong Kong in the late 1970’s and began his life-long engagement to various fields of the arts, including experimental films, comics, installation, video, performing arts and conceptual arts. In 1982, Yung co-founded Zuni Icosahedron, an epitome of the professional experimental arts company in Hong Kong, and has been its artistic director since 1985. -Laureate of the 2014 Fukuoka Prize – Arts and Culture Prize. -The Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2015 Artist of the Year (Drama) presented by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

1943年に中国の上海生まれ、5歳の時に家族と一緒に香港に移り住む。 中学卒業後、アメリカのカリフォルニア大学バークレー校に留学し、建築学の学士号を取得。 その後、コロンビア大学の大学院に進学し、都市デザインの修士号を取得。1970年代後半に香港に戻り、実験映画、コミック、インスタレーション、ビデオ、パフォーミング・アート、コンセプチュアル・アートなど、さまざまな分野の芸術に生涯をかけて取り組む。 1982年には、香港のプロフェッショナルな実験的アートカンパニーの典型である「Zuni Icosahedron」を共同設立し、1985年から芸術監督を務める。2014年福岡アジア文化賞、芸術文化賞。香港芸術発展賞2015年アーティスト・オブ・ザ・イヤー(ドラマ) 香港芸術発展局。


Day 2

Wednesday, September 15, 18:00 – 20:00 (Japan time)

Research Report: In the Corner of Asia, Investigation and Propositions for Cultural Exchanges in Six Southeast.

Presenter: Liu Xiaoyi

What kind of situations and issues is our exchange through performing arts facing, and what kind of possibilities are we going to find out? This is a lively research report by Liu Xiaoyi, an up-and-coming director from Singapore, who conducted research in six cities in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Yogyakarta, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, and Phnom Penh) just before COVID-19 expanded.


9月15日(水) 18時~20時(日本時間)

調査報告: アジアの片隅に 東南アジア六都市における文化交流の調査報告と提案

報告者: リウ・シャオイー

私たちの舞台芸術交流はどのような状況にあり、どのような問題を抱え、そしてどのような可能性を秘めているのか? COVID-19拡大直前(2019年)に、東南アジアの6都市(シンガポール、クアラルンプール、ジョグジャカルタ、バンコク、ホーチミンシティ、プノンペン)で調査をおこなったシンガポールの気鋭の演出家Liu Xiaoyiによる生き生きとした調査報告です。


Presenter Liu Xiaoyi

Liu Xiaoyi is the Artistic Director of Emergency Stairs (避難階段). He is a committed practitioner with a desire to push artistic boundaries, and regarded as a promising figure at the forefront of the experimental theatre scene in Asia. Xiaoyi received the Young Artist Award awarded by the National Arts Council of Singapore in 2016. Since 2011, Xiaoyi has been particularly involved in the intercultural dialogue. Since 2017, he has curateds the annual Southernmost Project, a first-of-its-kind arts festival in Singapore. It seeks to bring prominent and established traditional and contemporary artists from the region together in Singapore for intercultural exchange. Xiaoyi is also often invited to prominent cultural exchanges as a speaker and as an artist to collaborate with other established artists from Asia and Europe. Over the years, he has started and helmed several talent development platforms in Singapore. Most recently, he started the Emergency Academy (避難學院) as an incubation program for promising young Asian cultural leaders and has attracted 16 artists from ten Asian cities in its two-year program.

リウ・シャオイーは、Emergency Stairs(避難階段)の芸術監督で芸術的な限界を超えることを望む献身的な実践者であり、アジアの実験的な演劇シーンの第一線で活躍する有望な人物とみなされている。2016年にはシンガポール国立芸術評議会のヤング・アーティスト・アワードを受賞。2011年以降、特に異文化間の対話に取り組み、2017年からは、シンガポールで初の芸術祭である「Southernmost Project」を毎年キュレーション。アジア地域の著名で定評のある伝統的・現代的なアーティストをシンガポールに集め、異文化交流を図ることを目的としる。また、著名な文化交流の場にスピーカーとして、あるいはアーティストとして招かれ、アジアやヨーロッパのアーティストたちとコラボレーションを行う。最近では、アジアの有望な若い文化的リーダーのためのインキュベーションプログラムとして「Emergency Academy(避難学院)」を立ち上げ、2年間のプログラムでアジアの10都市から16人のアーティストを集めた。


Day 3

Thursday, September 16, 17:00 – 19:00 (Japan time)

Activity Report and Discussion: Our Today, Our Tomorrow

Moderator/Facilitator: Muhammad Abe

Art centers from Indonesia and Japan, which have the largest number of registered art centers and organizations in the Asia Art Center Link at present (as of August 20, 2021), will report on their activities under the impact of COVID-19 and discuss the future prospects of inter-city exchange.

Participant: Indonesia 
Melati Suryodarmo / BM Anggana / Shinta Febriany / Ari Ersandi

Participant: Japan Mieko Suzuki / Kohei Narumi / Yumiko Torii


9月16日(木) 17時 – 19時(日本時間)




インドネシアの参加者:ムラティ・スルヨダルモ/ ベーエム・アンガナ/シンタ・フェブリアニ/アリ・エルサンディ



Muhammad Abe

Born in Central Java, Indonesia, Muhammad Abe is based in Yogyakarta and works as an actor and researcher. He is the director of Indonesia Dramatic Reading Festival (IDRF). In 2019 he is initiator of Asian Playwrights Meeting in Yogyakarta 2019. Abe has been working in various fields of art, with projects which include researching and exhibiting archives of Bagong Kussudiardjo and Wisnoe Wardhana for Jejak Tabi Exchange in Yogyakarta (2018), researching and writing for Pekan Teater Nasional Indonesia (Indonesia National Theater Festival, 2018), as an observer for Asian Dramaturg Network (ADN) in 2018, and a curator for Indonesian play in  “Indonesian New Plays” published by Aurora Metro Books, London, 2019. As a producer he produced Gymnastik Emporium performance in Indonesia Dance Festival 2020, and ArtJog 2021. Most recently, he worked as a curator for Deleted Scenes, a collaboration between Bangkok International Performing Art Meeting and IDRF in 2021.

インドネシアの中央ジャワに生まれ、ジョグジャカルタを拠点に俳優、研究者として活動。インドネシア・ドラマティック・リーディング・フェスティバル(IDRF)のディレクターを務めている。2019年にはAsian Playwrights Meeting in Yogyakarta 2019の発起人を務める。阿部は、ジョグジャカルタのJejak Tabi ExchangeのためのBagong KussudiardjoとWisnoe Wardhanaのアーカイブのリサーチと展示(2018年)、Pekan Teater Nasional Indonesia(インドネシア国立演劇祭、2018年)のためのリサーチと執筆、2018年のAsian Dramaturg Network(ADN)のオブザーバー、2019年にロンドンのAurora Metro Booksから出版された “Indonesian New Plays “におけるインドネシアの演劇のキュレーターなどのプロジェクトを行い、様々な分野で活動している。プロデューサーとしては、2020年のインドネシア・ダンス・フェスティバルや2021年のアートジョグで、Gymnastik Emporiumのパフォーマンスをプロデュースしている。最近では、2021年のBangkok International Performing Art MeetingとIDRFとのコラボレーションであるDeleted Scenesのキュレーターを務めた。


Melati Suryodarmo

” STUDIO PLESUNGAN ” Karanganyar, Jawa Tengah, Jawa / Performance Artist

“ステュディオ・プレスンガン”. カランガニャール、ジャワ島/パフォーミングアーテイスト


BM Anggana

“KOMUNITAS SAKATOYA” Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Jawa / Sutradara Teater, Producer

“コムニタス・サカトヤ” ジョグジャカルタ、ジャワ島/演劇演出家、プロデューサー

Shinta 0

Shinta Febriany

“KALA TEATER” Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Sulawesi Sutradara Teater, Penulis Naskah, Penyair, Theater Director, Playwright, Poet

“カラ・テアトル” マカサール、スラウェシ島/演劇演出家、劇作家、詩人

Ari Ersandi 0

Ari Ersandi

” PUNYA STUDIO ” Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Sumatera Penari, Dancer, Choreographer

“プニャ・ステュディオ” ランプン、スマトラ島/ダンサー、振付家


Mieko Suzuki


Representative of Theater Neco, Director of NPO Theater Network Ehime. Produced theatrical works by Minoru Bessyo, Kunio Shimizu, Syogo Ota, Hisashi Inoue, at Drama Planning Group “Ku☆Su”. In 2007, Mieko founded NPO Theater Network Ehime to develop various projects for the purpose of culture and art promotion focusing on local performing arts in cooperation with Japan Directors Association and Japan Playwrights Association. As the NPO organization, in 2012, it established Theater Neco, the private small theater, to be counted as the third location followed by “Kaze no Neco” and “Monogatari Cafe Kamadoneco”, the employment support office for the handicapped, in 2018.



Kohei Narumi


Representative and Director of Dinanagekijo, Artistic Director of Théâtre de Belleville. Born in Mombetsu city, Hokkaido, in 1979 and lives in Tsu city, Mie. Kohei formed a theater company in 1999 while studying at Waseda University and composed drama by “scenery” as a theatrical piece. He has proactively created productions with mobility beyond borders and the quality of drama which does not depend only on a storyline or a language gained high reputations. Spent 1 year in France as a grantee of Research Grants by Pola Art Foundation in 2012. In 2013, when Kohei returned to Japan, he produced “Three Sisters” as the collaboration work by Japan and France at New National Theatre. In 2014, he moved to Misato-cho, Tsu city, Mie, and established Théâtre de Belleville, the private theater, as the artistic director. Judge of AAF Drama Award (organized by Aichi Prefectural Art Theater since 2015). Associate professor of Performing Arts Production and Management Devision at Nagoya University of the Arts (since 2021).

第七劇場、代表・演出家。Théâtre de Belleville、芸術監督。1979年北海道紋別市生まれ。三重県津市在住。早稲田大学在籍中の1999年に劇団を設立。「風景」によるドラマを舞台作品として構成。国境を越えることができるプロダクションをポリシーに製作し、ストーリーや言語だけに頼らないドラマ性が海外で高く評価される。ポーラ美術振興財団在外研修員(フランス・2012年)として1年間渡仏し活動。帰国後2013年に日仏協働作品『三人姉妹』を新国立劇場にて上演。2014年、拠点を三重県津市美里町に移設し、民間劇場 Théâtre de Belleville を開設し芸術監督に。AAF戯曲賞審査員(愛知県芸術劇場主催 2015~)。名古屋芸術大学芸術学部舞台芸術領域准教授(2021~)。


Yumiko Torii


Born in Nara in 1984 and lives in Okinawa. Yumiko moved her base to the Kansai region and started her drama activities in 2012. Since the beginning of her career, Yumiko worked for the theater company, kodomokyojin, as a production manager and then started theater producing as a freelancer. She involved with a number of theater / contemporary dance works as a production manager handling both production management and public relations, in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Yokohama. In 2018, Yumiko moved to Okinawa and has developed creative activities with operation members of the small theater, “Atelier Mekaru Base” and local performing artists. In December 2020, she took over the small theater, “Wagamachi no Shogekijo”, in Naha city and assumed the role of a theater owner.


Day 4

Friday, September 17, 18:00 – 20:00 (Japan time)

Suggestions and Evaluations: Sharing, Connecting, and Crossing Borders

Proposed by: Makoto Satoh

Makoto Satoh, the coordinator of the 1 Table 2 Chairs meeting 2021, will propose the next step of this activity and the idea of the 1 Table 2 Chairs Festival, and then four commentators will give their comments to brush up on the proposal.

Commentator: Liu Xiaoyi / Muhammad Abe / Prumsodun Ok / Madoka Yamashita


9月17日(金) 18時~20時(日本時間)

提案と評価: 分かち合い、つながり、越境する

提案者:佐藤 信

One Table Two Chairs meeting のコーディネーター佐藤 信がこの活動の次の一歩と、One Table Two Chairs Festivalの構想について提案したあと、4人のコメンテーターがその提案内容について、ブラシュアップのための発言をおこないます。

コメンテータ: リウ・シャオイー / ムハマッド・アベ / プルムソドゥン・アオク / 山下 円


Makoto Satoh

佐藤 信

Makoto Satoh is one of the leaders of the small theater movement since the 1960s. He gave mobile performances in black tents in 120 cities throughout Japan for 20 years from 1970 to 1990. In addition to stage direction in a wide range of fields, including opera, contemporary dance, show, puppet theater, Japanese dance, and Noh, he has continued to speak out and practice on the boundaries between theater and society, including “Asian theater,” “public nature of theater,” “theater and education,” and “community theater. In recent years, he has been devoting himself to from an alternative network of performing arts with neighboring Asian cities. He is the artistic director of Za-Koenji , and in 2017 he opened Wakabacho Wharf, a private art center with a small theater, a studio, and a dormitory in the downtown of Yokohama.


PrumsodunOk (1)

Prumsodun Ok

Born to Khmer refugees in the United States, Prumsodun Ok rose from the poverty and violence-stricken inner city of Long Beach, California to become the new face of Khmer dance. He uses art to heal, illuminate, and empower, reviving the spirit of his people from the enduring forces of conflict. Seen by many as a champion of Khmer culture, he works as an artist, teacher, and writer to shape a world where everyone can blossom into their fullest selves. He currently lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where he pioneers work at the forefront of cultural preservation, artistic innovation, and LGBTQ advocacy.



Madoka Yamashita

山下 円

Born in Osaka, Japan and studied Drama and Theatre Studies (BA) at Royal Holloway, University of London. After working for commercial theatres including SHIKI Theatrical Company in Japan, with her career in the field of recruiting and career development, she started producing experimental and contemporary theatrical pieces beyond genres for international festivals including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In 2019, as a part of the Fringe Central events at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, she co-organized the information session “Getting to Know Asia” and operated the reception held by Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh. In 2020, assigned by Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh, she launched the digital platform “fringe Japan”. Currently she also works as a YPAM (Yokohama International Performing Arts Meeting) fringe coordinator to promote the value of a fringe festival in Japan alongside her world-wide activity as a producer and arts educator.

英国ロンドン大学ロイヤルホロウェイ校にて演劇を学び、2003年劇団四季制作部に入団。退団後、数々の商業演劇作品に舞台制作者として携わったのち、2008年UAE・ドバイにて日本式ホテルアパートメント開業に参画するなど、一般企業にて採用・人材教育に従事。2014年に独立し、海外公演を主とするアーティストコーディネイターとして活動を開始。同年以降、世界最大の舞台芸術の祭典 “Edinburgh Festival Fringe” にて5年連続新作をプロデュース。2019年同フェスティバルにて舞台芸術関係者向けセミナー「Getting to Know Asia」を企画・共催しアジア諸国のパネリストと共に日本代表として登壇するなど、アーティストネットワーク構築に取り組む。 2020年よりデジタルプラットフォーム「fringe Japan(後援:在エディンバラ日本国領事館)」の企画運営や、TPAM(国際舞台芸術ミーティング in 横浜)2021・YPAM(横浜国際舞台芸術ミーティング)フリンジコーディネイターを受託。舞台芸術と教育を軸にした、世界と日本をつなぐプロデュース活動を幅広く展開している。


Liu Xiaoyi


Muhammad Abe