The Necessary Stage

The Necessary Stage

Address: 278 Marine Parade Road #B1-02 Marine Parade Community Building Singapore 449282 SINGAPORE

Emura Bldg 2F, 440 Iwatoyama cho, Shimogyo ward, Kyoto, Kyoto

Established in 1987, The Necessary Stage (TNS) is a Singapore non-profit theatre company with charity status, with a mission to create challenging, indigenous and innovative theatre that touches the heart and mind. TNS has the honour of being the only arts company in Singapore helmed by two Cultural Medallion recipients: Artistic Director and Founder Alvin Tan and Resident Playwright Haresh Sharma. The company is also the organiser and curator of the annual M1 Singapore Fringe Festival.

Having presented more than 100 original plays in Singapore and abroad, TNS remains focused on breaking new ground in original local content and intercultural and interdisciplinary exploration. Its works are original, mostly devised pieces created in a collaborative process that is based on research, improvisation before scripting, and input from all members of the production. 

TNS has also been unwavering in its efforts to nurture new talents and local content, through various platforms including youth- and senior-oriented training initiatives, commissions at the Fringe Festival, and laboratory and developmental platforms. The company also has a comprehensive online archival portal at, providing the public access to its 33 years of history.

The Necessary Stage (TNS)は1987年に設立されたシンガポールを拠点とする非営利劇団で、慈善団体認定を受けており、心と精神に触れる挑戦的で土着の革新的な演劇を想像することを使命としています。TNSは名誉なことにシンガポール唯一の芸術団体であり、文化勲章受章者である芸術監督であり創立者のAlvin Tanとレジデント劇作家Haresh Sharmaが主宰しています。また、毎年開催されるM1 SIngapore Fringe Festivalを主催者として主導しています。