Waterfront Bar

Waterfront Bar

Founder: 江南藜果
Adress: 广州石牌东陶育路暨南花园15

E-mail: 964244859@qq.com / 13533634486 (wechat)

The Waterfront Bar was established in 1995, and since 1998 it has been operating as a bar where you can present a performance in Building 15 of Ji Nanhuayuan, East Taoyu Road, Guangzhou. Up to now, a dozen of directors have created and produced 70 to 80 plays, performing arts and social arts. In addition, we invited and produced a small number of international works with artistic elements.

Alongside the pursuit of the ideal theater, we also create and exhibit visual arts. Waterside Bar’s creative activities embrace the spirit of independence from the mainstream, self-esteem, self-improvement, self-awareness, self-activity, self-responsibility, self-reflection, and freedom.



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