Master Gamelan Studio

Master Gamelan Studio

Master Gamelan Studio : Jl. Mangunoneng Cabeyan Panggungharjo Sewon Bantul
Production House : Jl. Parangtritis KM 7 Cabeyan Panggungharjo Sewon Bantul
The master gamelan studio is located on Bantul Regency. From 2017 it began to be used as a training ground for various activities related to traditional musical arts, such as dances, karawitan, and art performances. The founder is a graduate student from the University of the Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta, his named Wibowo. With his knowledge of karawitan music, he managed to establish a gamelan studio and his own production house. Apart from being a place to practice, various events have been held in the studio. Not far from the gamelan studio, there is a production house that is used to make various kinds of gamelan in Indonesia. The production house is also used as a place to display various types of gamelan.
To become a growing company and become an agent for preserving Indonesian culture, as well as disseminating gamelan in various regions, both throughout Indonesia and abroad. 
Building an integrated business in order to provide broad benefits and services to the community, nation and state. 

Master Gamelan Studioは、インドネシアのBantul県にあります。2017年より、ダンスやカラウィタン、パフォーマンスといった伝統音楽に関するあらゆる活動のトレーニングの場として使用されるようになりました。Wibowoというインドネシア国立芸術大学ジョグジャカルタ校の卒業生が設立し、彼のカラウィタン音楽の知識を活かし、ガムランスタジオと彼自身の制作場を立ち上げました。実践の場としてだけではなく、さまざまなイベントが開催されてきました。ガムランスタジオに遠くない場所に、インドネシアのあらゆる種類のガムランを創作するために使われる制作場があります。この制作場はあらゆるタイプのガムランの展示場としても使用されています。



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