Art community space KAIKA

Art community space KAIKA

General Incorporated Association Fringe Theatre Association

Emura Bldg 2F, 440 Iwatoyama cho, Shimogyo ward, Kyoto, Kyoto



京都市下京区岩戸山町440 江村ビル2F

“KAIKA: A Place to Create”

KAIKA is a base for creation and delivery of performing arts, and focuses on the development of artists who will lead the next generation. Guided by the idea, “it is better to have professional small theater companies in the world”, we actively support the activities of such professionals and theater companies that are serious about their professional careers.

Basically, we do not “rent out our space”, but provide it as a rehearsal space, a place for performing arts creation, and also as a studio for filming and streaming videos and photos, to assist the works created in our space to be delivered to society.

We are also dedicated to engagement with the local community and universities. KAIKA is located in the Hokomachi area of “Iwato-yama”, the Yamahoko float at the Gion Festival, and during the festival season in July, we assist of guardingIwato-yama together with the local residents. We also collaborate with a number of universities to provide our space for research groups, workshops, and social experiments.


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