Théâtre de Belleville

Théâtre de Belleville

Dainanagekijo Limited Liability Company

2104 Misato, Misato-cho, Tsu, Mie

Théâtre de Belleville



Théâtre de Belleville is a private theatre operated by the resident company, Dainanagekijo.

It opened as a new cultural base to spread culture from Misato-cho domestically and internationally, in November 2014 renovated an old storehouse located in Misato-cho, Tsu city. “Belleville” means “a beautiful town” in French and our name “Théâtre de Belleville” literally means “the theatre of Misato (a beautiful town in Japanese)”.

It aims to be not only a place to watch performing arts, but also “the theatre rooted in the local area” as its name, where people meet, exchange, and share emotion through various experiences like workshops.

Théâtre de Belleville はレジデントカンパニーである第七劇場が管理運営する民間劇場。

津市美里町に位置する元資材倉庫を改装し、美里町から国内外への文化発信と地域の新しい文化拠点として、2014年11月にオープン。「Belleville」はフランス語で「美しい里」を意味し、Théâtre de Belleville を直訳すれば「美里の劇場」。

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