One Table Two Chairs Video

As the very first step towards the next, we have created short video works with the motif of “One Table and Two Chairs”. This is one of the proposals for the festival and a suggestion for our fellow artists in the current situation.

We hope you will watch our works, and share your thoughts and impressions at the upcoming “One Table Two Chairs Meeting”. Also, we would love to accept and introduce your “One Table Two Chairs” video works at our website. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to share your video work. We strongly believe that this new project will be one opportunity of exchange among many young artists.


是非、私たちの映像作品をご覧いただき、次回の「One Table Two Chairs meeting」でご意見、ご感想を共有していただければ幸いです。また、ご自身でも「1つのテーブルと2つの椅子」をモチーフにした作品を創作されましたら、こちらのサイトでご紹介させて頂きたいと思いますのでお気軽にご連絡ください。これらの活動をきっかけに多くの若いアーティストの交流が発展することを願っております。

” The Station “

Playwright / Director : Makoto Sato

Performer : Keiko Takeya / Kanya Takeda

” anglers “

Playwright / Director : Yuuya Ishizone

Performer : Mana Seike / Hal Sakurai

” Journey to Hong Kong “

Director : Liu Xiaoyi

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